A free online Star Trader adventure game you can play right now. No download required. Explore & travel the galaxy to many star systems and mine their planets for valuable copper, silver, gold, titanium, and other types of ore. Once your Cargo Pods are full, return to the Star Base and sell your ore for Star Credits to buy more fuel and upgrade you ship. Buy more Cargo Pods to carry more ore & Lasers to stop Space Pirates. To jump right in, Click -HERE- to center the game and start playing. Or you can click on these -INSTRUCTIONS- and learn the basics of the game. Enjoy playing our Free Online Star Trader adventure game! Check out MajikMikeSimulations to play our other FREE games.
Center on Simulator Basic Instructions Detailed Instructions Tips & Stategies More FREE Simulations

Center on Simulator Basic Instructions Detailed Instructions Tips & Stategies More FREE Simulations
Basic Instructions

The basic idea of the Star Trader Simulator game is to travel to star systems and mine the planets you find at each star system for valuable Ore. You then return to the Star Base and sell the Ore for Star Credits to upgrade your ship and buy more fuel.

To do this, first Mouse Over the different stars to get infomation about each star system. When you see one you like, Click it to select that star system. Then Click on the 'Engage Drive' button to travel to that star system. Make sure you don't run out of Fuel as that will END the game. After you arrive at the selected Star System, you will see the planets located there displayed along with the type of ore at each planet. Click the button below the planet to start mining the ore. When your Cargo Capacity is reached (initially 2000 tons), then return to the Star Base to sell your ore. Click the ore button that shows your tonnage to select the ore, then click the 'SELL' button for easy money. Well, easy Star Credits that is.

As you play Star Trader Simulator, you might run into Space Storms and/or Space Pirates during your travels. In both cases you will lose Star Credits for repairs or bribes unless you upgrade your ship to lessen the cost or reduce it altogether. But, your ship upgrades won't come cheap. So try to mine the most valuable ores. To see which ores are the most valuable and for more detailed information on the game, Click on the 'Detailed Instructions' button.

Center on Simulator Basic Instructions Detailed Instructions Tips & Stategies More FREE Simulations
Detailed Instructions

By Mousing Over the various Stars in the Star Trader Simulator galaxy screen you can acquire a lot of information. From left to right on the Grey information buttons just below the main galaxy screen you can get the following information:

  • the Space Sector number ( 0 to 299 ). There are 300 locations.
  • the Distance to the star system in sectors.
  • the Travel time in Game Hours ( seconds in real time ).
  • the number of Planets at the star system ( but not the Ore type ).

You have to actually travel to the star system to see what kind of planets are there, and more importantly, what type of Ore you can mine. There are 10 different types of ore. They are as follows in order of value from the least valuable to the most valuable :

  1. Iron Ore is only worthwhile early in the game. It only sells for 5 Star Credits per ton.
  2. Crystal Ore is a little better at 10 Star Credits per ton.
  3. Copper Ore also sells for 10 Star Credits per ton.
  4. Nickel Ore sells for 3 times the price of iron at 15 Star Credits per ton.
  5. Titanium Ore is definitely good at 20 Star Credits per ton.
  6. Silver Ore pays even better at 25 Star Credits per ton.
  7. Gold Ore is always good and brings in 30 Star Credits per ton.
  8. Platinum Ore is very good at 35 Star Credits per ton.
  9. Uranium Ore is a great find and sells for 45 Star Credits per ton.
  10. Diamond Ore is the most valuable at 65 Star Credits per ton.

When Mining ore, you can only carry 2000 tons per Cargo Pod and the game starts with just 1 Cargo Pod (in normal/hard mode). In 'EASY' game mode you start with 2 Cargo Pods and 1 Laser. You can buy more Regular Cargo Pods for 200,000 Star Credits each or Shielded Cargo Pods for 300,000 Star Credits each. That may sound like a lot, but a Shielded Cargo Pod is immune to Space Storm Damage. If all your Cargo Pods are shielded, you will receive no damage at all. If for example, you have 2 Cargo Pods and one is Shielded and one is not, the cost to repair will be exactly half. (3 shielded out of 5 = 60% less damage, 4 shielded and 1 unshielded = 80% less damage, etc.)

As you travel through space you may also encounter Space Pirates. They will demand a ransom in Star Credits. You can buy Lasers to improve your negotiating position on the amount of the ransom. If you have as many Lasers as Cargo Pods, you will have to pay nothing. If you have less Lasers than Cargo Pods, then the unprotected Cargo Pods will cause the Space Pirates Bribe to be prorated as in Space Storm damage explained above.

To SELL Ore, click the appropriate button to select it and then click the 'Sell xxx Ore' button. When you select an Ore button and you have no Ore of that type, the price is displayed instead.

To BUY more Fuel, Cargo Pods, or Cargo Pod Lasers, click the item you want to buy and then the BUY button. In the case of Cargo Pods, there are two BUY buttons. One for REGULAR (200,000) and one for SHIELDED Cargo Pods (300,000).

When the Star Trader Simulator game first loads or if you select 'NEW GAME', it will be in 'Normal' mode. This gives you 1 Shielded Cargo Pod and 5,000 Star Credits and a little Fuel. If you click the 'EASY Mode' button, a new Star Field is generated and you get 2 Cargo Pods & 1 Laser to start, more Fuel, and 50,000 Star Credits. The 'HARD Mode' is just like Normal except the Stars are not visible. Sort of like the 'fog of war' if you are familiar with that concept. Still, if you Mouse Around the galaxy, you can see where the stars are, select stars, and travel to them.

Center on Simulator Basic Instructions Detailed Instructions Tips & Stategies More FREE Simulations
Tips and Strategies

The most important strategy is of course not to run out of Fuel Cells. If you do, you will be stranded in space and the game ENDS. To prevent this, it is a good idea to also buy some Fuel Cells when you sell your mined ore during each return trip to the Star Base.

Another good strategy initially is to just mine the closest stars to conserve Fuel. With only 1 Cargo Pod available when the game starts (in Normal mode), you may have to make several trips depending on how much Ore you find. When you get enough Star Credits to buy more Cargo Pods, keep in mind that you will now be consuming more fuel with each cargo pod you add. (with all 5 Cargo Pods you will use 5 times as much fuel as you would with 1 cargo pod!). Each Cargo Pod uses 3 Fuel Cells per Game Hour (seconds in real time) of travel time. When you select a star system to travel to, the time and fuel required is shown on the Grey Information buttons below the main galaxy screen.

Because it will take a while before you can buy Shielded Cargo Pods and Lasers, a good strategy is to buy lots of Fuel so your Star Credits are used. The reason for this is when you encounter a Space Storm or Space Pirates, the most Star Credits you will lose is 10% of your total Star Credits. If you are unprotected (no shields & lasers), spending your Star Credits on fuel and upgrades means keeping more of your wealth! Traveling to star systems unprotected and carrying lots of Star Credits is just inviting trouble.